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April 9, 2021 Update

April 9, 2021 Update

It has been one hell of a long time since I've posted anything here. Going to try to fix that with some regular posts. What will you find here?

  • Posts about Linux/Open Source/Cyber Security or whatever else catches my eye
  • Some hopefully technical documents
  • Updates on what I'm working on these days
  • My homelab trials and tribulations
  • Generic rants and craziness
  • Whatever else I want to post

Whats going on with me you ask?

I departed my long term employer in Q3 2020. Currently looking for other opportunities in the IT/Cyber Security.

Been spending my time away from full time work on de-stressing, updating my skills, working around my house, playing with technology and just generally enjoying a bit of freedom after nearly 24 years at the same company.

I've signed up for a year long pass to INE.com. Currently working on the pentesting program and trying to get my technical skills updated around cloud services. Also been doing some of the labs at tryhackme.com although I'm taking a break from that right now while I get caught up on ine.com. Attending a lot of online webinars/conferences/courses. Many of which are free. I am really enjoying the sessions put on by Black Hills Information Security.

On the technology front, I've been building up my lab environment at home. I have a 1U HP server but its just too freaking loud for me to deal with. So now I'm using a few mini pcs to build a lab. Running virtualization on xcp-ng. I ran VMware ESXi for a while then switched to Proxmox. Then I saw some videos put on by Lawrence Systems on Youtube about XCP-NG and made the switch. I really like it. Seems a little more polished and faster than Proxmox. Although Proxmox still has a place in my heart and I may implement it again in the future.

Also been learning a bit about Docker/Kubernetes with Rancher although I kind of blew up my Rancher system last week and need to rebuild it. If anybody can explain the storage persistence to me that would be great. I tried setting up a new system but couldn't get that to work for some reason. I'm sure its something stupid I'm doing.